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Don’t Delay! File Your Motion to Compel Arbitration Today! May 26, 2020

By Nicholas Grether, Esq., The Maloney Firm, APC     In the recent case of Fleming Distribution Co. v. Younan (May 15, 2020) Appellate No. A157038, Sonoma County Super. Ct. No. SCV-263702, the appellate court held that an employer waived its right to compel arbitration of a dispute over unpaid wages by delaying filing a […]

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California’s Court of Appeal Provides Guidance on the Application of Arbitration Clauses May 20, 2020

By Craig Reese, Esq. and Carl Mueller, Esq., The Maloney Firm, APC     In April the California Court of Appeal, Second District, addressed the interpretation and applicability of arbitration terms in consumer agreements in Dennison v. Rosland Capital LLC (Case No. B295350). Practitioners should take note of the Court’s decision as guidance in both […]

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California Sues Uber and Lyft for Misclassifying Drivers as Independent Contractors May 19, 2020

By Nicholas Grether, Esq., The Maloney Firm, APC     The State of California has fired another shot in their ongoing battle with Uber and Lyft over the classification of their drivers as independent contractors instead of employees. On May 5, 2020, California’s Attorney General and the city attorneys for San Francisco, Los Angeles, and […]

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Los Angeles County Joins the City of LA to Require Recall Rights for Certain Employees Laid Off due to COVID-19 May 18, 2020

On May 12, 2020, the LA County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance establishing a right of recall for janitorial, maintenance, security service, and hotel workers laid off because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The County Ordinance closely mirrors one passed by the LA City Council in April, but it applies to additional employees in the […]

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Webinar: Reopening the California Workplace May 11, 2020

  As businesses are reopening, employers are faced with complying with California employment law and adopting to new ways of operating and managing their businesses.   This webinar series addresses the legal and practical issues for California businesses and employers and is an opportunity to hear explanations of ongoing weekly updates and get your questions […]

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California Court of Appeal Provides Guidance Concerning the Preparation of Applications for Attorneys’ Fees

By Patrick M. Maloney, Esq., The Maloney Firm, APC       In late April, the California Court of Appeal published three decisions bearing on the calculation of legal fees to be awarded to a prevailing party and paid by a losing party. Two of those decisions, Reynolds v. Ford Motor Company, 2020 WL 1921742 […]

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