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California Enacts Changes to Paid Sick Leave Requirements Sep 18, 2020

On September 9, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1867 (AB 1867) to expand COVID-19-related paid sick leave provisions. According to Governor Newsom’s office, the new law “eliminates coverage gaps to ensure every employee has access to paid sick days if they are exposed or test positive to COVID-19 for 2020.” Find out more […]

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Poorly Drafted Legal Fee Agreement Leads to a Five-Year Dispute Over Lawyers’ Right to Fee Award Sep 17, 2020

By Patrick M. Maloney, Esq., The Maloney Firm, APC On September 15, 2020, the Court of Appeal published the decision in Aerotek, Inc. v. Johnson Group Staffing Company, Inc., which held that attorneys’ fees awarded under the California Uniform Trade Secrets Act belong to the lawyer, not the client.  The dispute on appeal in Aerotek […]

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ADA Website Accessibility Tax Credits: Find Out How To Maximize Tax Benefits And Expand Your Website’s Audience While Avoiding Litigation Sep 15, 2020

Co-authored by Carl I. S. Mueller, Esq., The Maloney Firm, APC, Ike Song, and Daryn Harpaz As the September and October deadlines to file 2019 taxes rush by, it is important for business owners to start considering how they can maximize their 2020 tax benefits. . With much of Southern California still in quarantine and […]

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Computer Counselor: Videoconferencing Legal Venues during the Pandemic Sep 14, 2020

Gregory M. Smith, an attorney in The Maloney Firm, APC’s Business Litigation Department, discusses best practices for videoconferencing legal venues during the pandemic in an article for the Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine. Read the article by downloading the PDF below or clicking the link here. . Greg Smith represents attorneys in disputes over legal fees […]

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California Enacts Bill Extending AB5 Exemptions Sep 11, 2020

Just eight months after California businesses began to adapt to the rigorous new standards for classifying workers as independent contractors under Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), California lawmakers have enacted AB 2257, which creates additional exemptions for certain occupations and contractual relationships from the restrictions that AB5 posed on many employers and workers. Importantly, AB 2257 […]

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California Delays Registration Deadline for Mandatory Retirement Plans Sep 10, 2020

CalSavers, a state-sponsored retirement savings program for private sector workers, has extended its first implementation deadline, which applies to businesses with 100 or more employees, to September 30, 2020. Learn more about how California’s mandatory retirement program will affect businesses and workers below. . What is CalSavers? . CalSavers was created in 2016 to serve […]

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