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Electronic Signature on Arbitration Agreements? Not So Fast Feb 15, 2024

Hasty v. AAA and Unconscionable Arbitration Agreements   Arbitration agreements may be invalidated if they are found to be unfair or oppressive towards a disadvantaged party. The determination of whether an arbitration agreement is unconscionable is based on both procedural factors (how the agreement was made) and substantive factors (the terms of the agreement itself). To […]

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Media Mention: Patrick Maloney Weighs in on High Stakes RICO Claim in Law 360 Feb 02, 2024

Patrick Maloney was quoted in a recent Law 360 article detailing the latest round of a dispute between rival developers and the applicability of California’s Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to a high stakes RICO claim. The matter before the 9th Circuit Court of appeals concerns Los Angeles hotel developer Relevant Group LLC’s appeal of a […]

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Suing for Legal Malpractice? Designate the Plaintiff(s) Carefully Jan 23, 2024

An opinion recently published by California’s Second Appellate District, Engel v. Pech, 95 Cal.App.5th 1227 (2023), reinforces that when counsel for a corporate entity commits malpractice, it is the entity itself – not the owners – that must bring the malpractice claim. The Facts: An Individual Sues in Place of an LLP A partnership, Engel […]

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Maloney Firm Attorneys Secure Victory as California Court of Appeal Upholds Demurrer in Fiduciary Duty Case Jan 19, 2024

On January 18, 2024, The Maloney Firm’s attorneys Carl Mueller and Gary Varnavides achieved a resounding victory for their client before the California Court of Appeal, resolving a multi-year litigation entirely in their client’s favor. The case involved their client’s receipt of approximately $1.2 million in cash and securities held in Wells Fargo brokerage accounts […]

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Maloney Firm Attorneys Recognized as 2024 Southern California Super Lawyers® Jan 10, 2024

The Maloney Firm is pleased to announce that two of our attorneys have been recognized as Super Lawyers in Southern California for 2024. The list includes outstanding lawyers with a excellent peer recognition and achievement in their practice areas. Maloney Firm attorneys Patrick Maloney and Gregory Smith have been recognized this year by Super Lawyers […]

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Happy New Year! California Litigants Now May Be Obligated to Exchange Initial Discovery Disclosures Jan 09, 2024

For cases filed after January 1, 2024, CCP §2016.090 now includes new rules for initial disclosures of information in discovery. Timing and Trigger of Initial Disclosures Any party that has appeared in the litigation may demand that all parties make disclosures 60 days thereafter.  This shortened timeline is intended to encourage early information sharing and […]

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