Labor & Employment Alert

Feb 27, 2019

Employers Beware!
Two recent California Court of Appeal decisions concerning timekeeping, overtime, misclassification, and reporting time may affect your business practices.
The California Court of Appeal in Terry Furry v. East Bay Publishing, LLC held that if an employer fails to keep accurate records of an employee’s work hours, even “imprecise evidence” by the employee “can provide a sufficient basis for damages.” Click here to read more.

Also, the California Court of Appeal ruled in a split decision that employees subject to on-call scheduling must be paid reporting time pay, even when the employee only has to make a short call to determine if they are needed, but does not physically report to work. In Ward v. Tilly’s, Inc., Case Number B280151, the Court held that Tilly’s on-call policy triggered the “Reporting Time Pay” provision of California’s Wage Order 7, which applies to the retail industry. Click here to read more.

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